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Unit 1

1.watch TV 看电视

2.go to the movies  去看电影 

3.on weekends  在周末 

4.hardly ever 几乎不

5.how often 多久一次

6.every day 每天

7.once a week 一周一次  

8.twice a month   一月两次 

9.do homework  做家庭作业

10.the result of……的结果

11.as for  至于,对于

12.read a book  看书

13.junk food 垃圾食品

14.be good/bad for 对…有益/害

15.eating habits 饮食习惯

16.try to do sth.尽力做某事  

17.lots of=a lot of许多

18.of course/Sure当然

19.come home from school从学校来到家  

20.look after=take care of 照看;照顾 

21.a healthy lifestyle 


22.the same as…和…相同

23.be different from…和…不同

24.want to do sth.想要做某事

25.want sb. to do sth.想要某人做某事

26.want=would like 想要


28.healthy  健康的----unhealthy

29.different  不同的—difference<名>

30.keep healthy = stay healthy

 = keep in good health   保持健康 

31.although = though 虽然 <不能与but连用>    

32.surf the Internet上网

33.three times a week一周三次   

34.get good grades  取得好成绩

35.How many hours do you sleep every night?  你每晚睡多少个小时?

36.What do you/they usually do on weekends? 你/他们通常在周末做什么?

37.I usually go to the movies.


38.What does he/she often do on Sundays?他/她常常在星期天做什么?

39.He/She often does homework.


40.How often do you shop?  你多久买一次东西? 

41.I shop twice a month. 我一月买两次东西.  

42.How often does your mother go to the movies?你妈妈多久去看一次电影?

43.She goes to the movies once a week. 她一周去看一次电影.

44.Most students do homework every day.  大多数学生每天都做作业.

Unit 2

1.foot---feet 脚 <复>

2.tooth---teeth 牙齿 <复>

3.be thirsty 口渴 

4.be hungry 饥饿

5.have a headache (患)头痛

6.have a sore back 背痛

7.have a (bad) cold (重)感冒

8.have a sore throat 喉咙痛

9.lie down 躺下

10.have a stomachache 肚子痛 

11.hot tea with honey 加有蜂蜜的热茶

12.What’s the matter with sb./sth.?

=What’s wrong with sb./sth.?


13.see a dentist 看牙医  

14.two days ago  两天前 

15.have a fever  发烧

16.be stressed out 紧张的 

17.go to bed 去睡觉     

18.listen to music 听音乐

19.drink some water喝些水

20.for example 例如

21.No problem 没问题

22.too much + 不可数名词   太多的… 

23.much too +形/副   实在太… 

24.too many + 可数名词复数 太多的…

25.a balanced diet 平衡饮食

26.have a rest 休息 

27.be/get tired 累的

28.It’s+形+for sb.+to do sth.


eg:It’s important for me to eat a balanced diet. 平衡饮食对我来说是很重要的. 

29.a few + 可数名词复数  少许…

30.a little + 不可数名词/形/副    一点…

31.at the moment=now  此时,此刻 

32.host family  寄宿家庭 

33.good idea 好主意

34.I’m sorry to hear that.


35.enjoy doing sth.  喜欢做某事

36.I don’t feel well= I’m not feeling well


37.maybe 或许<句首> may be <句中>  

38.What’s the matter with you? 你怎么啦?

=What’s the trouble with you?

=What’s wrong with you? 

39.I have a sore back. 我背痛

40.You should lie down and rest.


41.He shouldn’t eat anything

=He should eat nothing. 他不应当吃任何东西. 

42.I hope you feel better soon.


43.It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle.


44.I don’t think I’m improving.


Unit 3

1.babysit one’s sister


2.go with sb.  和某人一起去

3.go camping/hiking/fishing/ sightseeing/bike riding 去野营/远足/钓鱼/观光/骑车

4.go away 离开

5.stay at home 呆在家

6.plan to do sth. 计划做某事

7.at night =in the evening  在晚上 

8.That sounds + 形   那听起来…  

9.on the twelfth 在12号 

10.What/How about+<名/代/动名词> 


11.on Monday  在星期一    

12.next week 下周 

13.send sb. sth. = send sth. to sb.


14.show sb. sth.

= show sth. to sb. 把某物给某人看

15.how long  多久

16.How is the weather?

=What’s the weather like? 天气怎么样?

17.think about考虑 

18.go back to school  回到学校 

19.go back home  回到家

20.take walks=have walks

=go for a walk  散步

21.take a vacation 度假

22.something different 不同的东西  

23.in the countryside 在乡下

24.finish doing sth.  做完某事

25.decide on… 决定

26.decide to do sth. 决定做某事

27.rent videos 租影碟

28.have a good time=have fun

=enjoy oneself 玩得高兴 

29.this time 这次

30.next time =another time 下次

31.relax at home 在家休闲 

32.too long  太久 

33.Can I ask you some questions?


34.What are you/they doing for vacation?


35.I’m/We’re/They’re watching TV.


36.What’s he/she doing for vacation?


37.He/She is going camping.


38.When are you/they going?


39.I’m/We’re/They’re going on Tuesday.


40.When is he/she going? 他要何去?

41.He/She is going on the twentieth. 


42.How long are you staying?


43.I’m staying for three days.


44.That sounds interesting.


45.Show me your photos when we get back to school. 当我们回到校时把你的相片给我看.

46.I’m planning to spend time in the beautiful countryside.


47.I hear that Luzhou is a good place to go sightseeing.


48.I don’t like going away for too long. 我不喜欢离开太久.

Unit 4

1.get to=arrive in/at=reach  到达 

2.get up  起床 

3.take the bus/subway/train/taxi/boat (to…)

=(goto… )bybus/subway/train/taxi/boat


4.on a bus/train/subway/plane/bike  坐<骑>汽车/火车/地铁/飞机/自行车 

5.ride a bike(bicycle) 骑自行车   

6.on foot 步行 

7.from…to…  从…到… 

8. in a car/taxi/boat 坐小车/的士/船

9.leave for… 动身去…

10.the early bus 早班车 

11.how far多远

12.think of 考虑/想到

13.around the world

=all over the world全世界 

14.the school bus  校车      

15.depend on  决定于… 

16.in the other parts of the world 


17.a small number of…  少数…

18.in the hospital  在医院里 

19.in Chinese  用汉语 

20.Don’t worry. 别担心. 

21.so much 这么多 

22.at around half past six 


23.half an hour=thirty minutes 半小时

24.bus station 汽车站 

25.bus stop 汽车站 

26.It takes sb. some time to do sth.

=Sb. spend some time (in) doing sth.


27.need to do sth.需要做某事.

28.How do you get to school?


29.I walk/I tak a bus.  我走路/坐汽车. 

30.How does he get to his uncle’s house? 


31.He rides a bike. 他骑自行车去. 

32.How far is it? 它有多远? 

33.It’s ten kilometers.  有十千米. 

34.How long does it take you to get from home to school? 


35.It takes about half an hour.


36.That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus. 那一定要比坐汽车有趣得多.

37.How can I get to….? 我怎样到达…?

38.by water=by boat 坐船 

39.by air=by plane  坐飞机

Unit 5

1.study for a test 复习考试   

2.go to the doctor  去看病 

3.have/take a piano lesson 上钢琴课

4.help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做某事 

5.help sb. with sth. 在某方面帮助某人 

6.Thank you for sth./doing sth. 为…而感谢 

7.have/has/had to do =must do 不得不;必须

8.come over to… 顺便来访

9.the day after tomorrow 后天

10.keep quiet 保持安静

11.I’d love/like to. 我愿意. 

12.on Saturday afternoon 


13.have a party  开晚会

14.come to the party  来参加聚会

15.visit sb.拜访某人

16.go to the concert去音乐会 

17.write soon 尽快回信 

18.play tennis with sb. 和某人一起打网球 

19.What’s today?  今天星期几?

20.It’s Monday the 14th. 星期一,14号. 

21.be free  有空---be busy 繁忙的 

22.all day = the whole day 整天

23.Can you come to my party on Wednesday? 星期三你能来参加我的聚会吗?

24.Sure,I’d love to. 当然啦,我愿意去.

25.I’m sorry, I have to go to the doctor.


26.That’s too bad.Maybe another time. 


27.Thanks for asking (inviting) me/your invitation. 谢谢你邀请我.

28.I have too much homework this weekend.这个周末我有太多的家庭作业.

  29.I’m going to my cousin’s birthday party. 我要去参加我表兄的生日聚会.

30.Can you come to the movies with us on Friday? 你星期五能和我们一起去看电影吗?

Unit 6  

1.good/well 好---better---best  

2.many/much 许多---more---most 

3.bad/ill---worse---worst 最坏  4.far---farther/further---farthest/furthest 远

5.little 小的,少的---less---least 

6.look the same=look like 看起来像

7.in some ways在某些方面

8.as you can see 正如你能看到的

9.look different 看起来不同

10.in common 共同的

11.as +<形/副原级> +as …与…一样

12.not as/so…as… …不如… 

13.more than=over 多于,超过 

14.be good at

=do well in sth./doing sth.  爱好于… 

15.make sb. +do 使某人… 

16.have good grades  成绩优良 

17.be good with sb. 善于与某人相处 

18.call…at +电话号码 拨…找…

19.stop doing sth. 停止做某事 

20.stop to do sth. 停下来做某事 

21.begin with..以…开始

22.most of……中的大多数 

23.primary school 小学

24.both…and… 两者都 

25.laugh at…嘲笑… 

26.a little+比较级 …一点儿 

27.much/far+比较级  …得多

28.even/still+比较级 更/还…

29.A +be+比较级+than+B  A比B更… 

30.A+be as +原级+as B  A与B一样…

31.A good friend likes to do the same things as me.好朋友喜欢跟我做一样的事情.

32.I like to have friends who are like me/who are different from me.


33.We both enjoy going to parties.


34.Although my hair is shorter than hers.


35.thin---fat 胖的<反义词>

36.tall---short 矮的<反义词>

37.long---short 短的<反义词>

38.calm---wild 粗鲁的<反义词> 

39.interest兴趣---interesting/interested <形> 

40.my twin sister  我双胞姐姐

Unit 7

1.take off  脱下

2.put on 穿上

3.cut up 切碎

4.turn on 打开

5.turn off 关掉 

6.mix up混合在一起

7.put…away 把…收起来

8.take away拿走

9.Let me think让我想想

10.a slice of bread 一片面包

11.two teaspoons of honey 两汤匙蜂蜜

12.two cups of yogurt  两杯酸奶   

13.a kilo of tomatoes 一公斤西红柿 

14.two bowls of water两碗水      

15.two baskets of apples两篮苹果

16.a bag of tea一袋茶叶 


18.pour…into… 倒…到…里


20.on the top 在顶部

21.first 首先

22.next 接着

23.then 然后

25.finally=at last 最后

26.an onion 一个洋葱

27.in the bowl 在碗里

28.sandwich---sandwiches <复>   

29.Let’s do sth. 让我们做… 

30.How many +可数名词复数+一般疑问句? 31.How much +不可数名词+一般疑问句? 32.How much+一般疑问句?<对价钱提问>

33.How do you make a banana milk shake? 你怎样制作香蕉奶昔?

34.How many bananas do you need?


35.How much yogurt do we need?


36.We need two oranges and two cups of milk. 我们需要两个桔子和两杯牛奶.

37.Do you like lettuce in sandwiches?


38.peel three bananas 剥三个香蕉

Unit 8  

1.hang out with…和…闲逛  

2.take photos/pictures照相

3.go to the zoo去动物园

4.go to the aquarium 去水族馆

5.go to the beach 去海滩

6.buy a souvenir 买一份纪念品  

7.buy sb. sth.=buy sth. for sb. 买某物给某人

8.give sb. sth.=give sth.to sb.把某物给某人

9.pass sb. sth.=pass sth. to sb.递某物给某人

10.get one’s autograph 得到某人的亲笔签名 

11.win a prize 得了一个奖

12.win the first prize 得了冠军       

13.Visitors’ Center 游客中心

14.on the school trip 在学校旅游中    

15.at the end of… 在…的尽头

16.watch a dolphin show 观看海豚表演

17.day off 休息日

18.have fun doing sth. 做某事有趣

19.That sounds interesting. 那听起来很有趣.

20.go for a drive 去兜风

21.sleep late 睡懒觉

22.have/take a class 上课

23.on my next day off 在我下一个休息日

24.see you soon再见

25.How was your day off?


26.(have) a yard sale (进行)庭院旧货出售

27.in the future  未来,将来

28.have/eat…for breakfast/lunch/dinner


29.take the bus back to school


30.in the rain 在雨中

31.in the sun 在太阳下

32.in the yard 在院子里

33.come back from… 从…回来

34.what else 别的什么

35.after that 之后

36.How was your school trip?


37.What did you do last Sunday?


38.①.There is(was)+可数名词单数(不可数名词)②There are(were)+可数名词复数


39.How was the weather yesterday?


40.Did you clean the classroom yesterday? 你昨天打扫了教室了吗?

 41.Were there any sharks? 有鲨鱼吗?

42.win 赢<动>---winner 获胜者<名>

Unit 9   

1.be born 出生  

2.world record 世界纪录

3.hiccupping world record 打嗝世界纪录

4.sb. has world record for…某人有..的世界纪录

5.play…for national team


6.start/begin to do sth./doing sth.


7.learn to do sth. 学习做某事

8.first have a party 第一次举行聚会

9.a comedy called/named…一部名叫….的喜剧

10.too+形<原级>+to+do  太…而不能…

11.a piece of music 一首音乐

12.at the age of…

=when sb. be …(years old) 在…岁时

13.take part in…=join 参加

14.hum songs 哼歌

15.major in 主修

16.women’s singles 女子单打

17.because of.. 因为…

18.all his free time他所有的空闲时间

19.talk about 谈论 

20.see sb. do sth.<已做>

=see sb. doing sth.<正在做> 看见某人做某事 21.in the 70-year history of…


22.69 years and 5 months 69年零5个月

23.in October 2000 在2000年10月

24.on May 2nd ,1983  在1983年5月2号

25.a famous tennis player


26.for example 例如 

27.well-known=famous 有名的,著名的

28.When were you born? 你何时出生的?

29.He was born in 1988.他出生于1988年.

30.How long did he hiccup?他打嗝打了多久?

31.He hiccupped for 69 years and 5 months. 他打了69年零5个月的嗝.

 32.When did he stop hiccupping? 他何时停止打嗝的?

33.You are never too young to start doing things. 你决不要因为年轻就不去做一些事情.

34.How old were you when you started learning English? 当你开始学英语时多少岁?

35.He spends all his free time with his grandson. 他所有空闲时间和他的孙子一起度过.

36.science 科学---scientist 科学家

37.piano 钢琴---pianist 钢琴家

38.violin 小提琴---violinist小提琴家

39.tour 游览---tourist 旅游者

Unit 10  

1.grow up 长大  

2.computer programmer 电脑程序设计员

3.take acting lessons 上表演课

4.professional basketball player 业篮球运动员

5.save money 存钱

6.at the same time 同时

7.somewhere interesting 有趣的地方

8.fashion shows 时装展览

9.I’m not sure yet. 我还不能确定.

10.a year or two =one or two years 一两年

11.hold art exhibitions 举办艺术展览

12.make the soccer team 组建足球队

13.find a part-time job 找到一份兼职工作

14.play an instrument 弹奏乐器    

15.make a resolution 制定计划

16.get letters from...=hear from…


17.communicate (better) with…与…交流

18.move to…搬到…

19.a foreign language 一门外语

20.New Year’s Resolutions 新年计划

21.study math really hard 刻苦认真学习数学

22.practise doing sth. 练习做某事

23.at an art school 在艺术学校

24.exchange student 交换生 

25.What are you going to be when you grow up? 你长大了打算做什么?

26.How are you going to do that?


27.I’m going to do what I want to do. 我要做自己想做的事.

28.I’m going to move somewhere interesting. 我要搬到有趣的地方.

29.An old lady found a job as a foreign language teacher.一位老太太找了一份外语教师的工作.

30.I want to be a reporter for a fashion magazine. 我想当一时装杂志记者.

31.last year 去年

32.this year 今年

33.next year 明年

34.talk with…与…交谈

35.athlete=player 运动员  

36.love---loving/lovely <形>



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